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What other coverage helps make a good group benefits package?

The standard components of a benefits plan are life and disability insurance, but it is often the optional and extended health care benefits that set one plan apart from another and allow you to tailor the benefits package to your employees’ needs. At RPP we will listen to what your needs are, craft a comprehensive plan within the budget you outline and carefully explain the benefits and tradeoffs of each component. We are here to create the right package for you, not to sell you a product or plan that doesn’t fit your needs.

Some of the most beneficial options and healthcare extensions include:

Group Critical Illness

This benefit is making its mark as an important component of a good benefits plan. Critical Illness benefits provide an immediate lump-sum cash payment to an employee diagnosed with a serious illness including heart attack, stroke, cancer, kidney failure, and much more. Straightforward and inexpensive plans which cover only 3 or 4 conditions may be the correct current solution, or more comprehensive plans which cover over 20 conditions might prove more suitable but for a slightly higher premium.

Group Critical Illness is very reasonable compared to individually purchased coverage and is usually available without any medical requirements. We can help you put good Critical Illness coverage within reach. Employee engagement is high when this benefit is included. We all know someone who has suffered cancer, heart attack, or stroke and there is a real comfort knowing that “if it happens to me, the company health benefits plan has `my back.

Extended Health Care Benefits

All of Canada’s provincial health care plans provide us with a valuable basic hospital, physician, and medical coverage. Regrettably, the provinces are slowly stripping away coverage to keep their costs in line, which means any Extended Health Coverage you can offer your employees is becoming more valuable with every passing year. This benefit reimburses expenses such as: Prescription Drugs, Ambulance Services, Medical Services & Supplies, Massage Therapy, Chiropractors, Physiotherapy, Special Nursing, Semi-Private Hospital rooms, Oral Contraceptives, Hearing Aids, Vision Care, and more. A wide range of options are available, and a plan can be tailored to be affordable for your business.

This coverage does not replace any provincial coverage; rather, it fills in the gaps to pay for items not covered by the provincial plans. Do your staff travel a lot for work or even for pleasure? An important and often overlooked element of Extended Health Insurance Policies is Travel Medical Insurance. Most Extended health plans include generous out-of-country emergency medical insurance and ancillary services, such as translation services, arrangements to return a rental car, information services to relatives back home, and much more. Make sure your plan has this coverage, and make sure the coinsurance is 100% reimbursement of travel medical expenses.

Dental Care Benefits

Dental work is pretty expensive and yet is necessary throughout our lives to ensure good overall health. Thus a dental plan is always very much in demand by employees, regardless of age or status. RPP Benefits will work with you to provide the best coverage for your desired budget by analysing the demographics of your business. This will help us to ensure a good fit for your organisation both regarding coverage that provides the most benefit and keeping costs from becoming prohibitive.

In addition to Basic and Routine Dental services, coverage for crowns, dentures, or Orthodontics can be included depending on the needs of your employees.

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A properly-designed employee benefit plan can be a powerful tool to satisfy the need for cost containment and at the same time provide employee satisfaction and retention. Click here to find out more about the benefits available.

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Group Benefits Taxation

Benefits continue to be, for the most part, tax-free rewards and incentives you can offer employees. To find out how benefits are currently taxed: click here to find out more.

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