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A better Process for getting the
right Group Benefits Plan for your business:

When it comes to the Employee Benefits Market Place, it often appears there are only two choices. The generalist Life Insurance agent who is keen to have your group benefits but is not a specialist in group benefits and has limited resources. Alternatively there are the large conglomerates with significant expertise but often with impersonal service, take it or leave it attitudes, and a service model that focuses on billable hours. Furthermore, if your business is smaller, the conglomerates often delegate your work to junior associates as a learning opportunity. Not really what you want for your company or employees.

RPP Benefits offers a third option to help you get the best group benefits plan. Fortunately there is a third alternative that can help you get the best possible benefits plan for you and your employees. RPP Benefits combine the personalized service and responsiveness of a sole provider with the extensive experience and technical skills of the large conglomerates, and without the Fortune 500 style billable hours.

Buyer Beware – Not all benefit plans are created equal

Step 1 Alignment

This first step begins with a dialogue about your business, vision, and goals. We discuss the needs of your company and the challenges and opportunities you face. We outline our approach, unique value, and discuss next steps if alignment is evident to both parties.

Step 2Assessment

By engaging your personnel, we evaluate your company resources and culture, then measure and analyze your current plan. We benchmark data against trends in the marketplace and then intersect our analysis with select recommendations to create your unique Benefits BlueprintTM.

Step 3 Engagement

We meet to review the Benefits BlueprintTM and discuss innovative ideas and a plan for implementation. We encourage clients to include key members of their leadership team to attend. Once approved, we begin a rollout of the plan beginning with selection of the carrier and products.

Step 4 Implementation

We schedule a kick-off date, meet with employees and collaborate with Management and HR to fully leverage the plan for retention, team alignment, and recruitment. We also provide onsite services to communicate about the plan, share our wisdom, and ensure your success.

Step 5Ongoing Optimization

A plan is only as good as it is supported, reviewed and enhanced – and not merely in the beginning – but throughout the lifetime of the relationship. We schedule regular Benefits BlueprintTM Review meetings to troubleshoot, review and tirelessly refine and optimize your plan.

RPP Benefits understand that its about more than price alone

RPP Benefits start by understanding your needs and not focusing on price alone. You probably get frequent calls from companies claiming they can save you money “right now” on your current plan! They are telling the truth, but not the whole truth. Lots of insurance providers are willing to lower the price in the first year to get your business, but will demand significant price increases in subsequent years. Our success has been achieved by building long-term relationships with our clients and with the insurance providers we work with based on trust and integrity, not “making a quick sale”.

With over 30 years in the business of working with entrepreneurs, innovative businesses and small enterprises, RPP Benefits developed our proprietary Benefits BlueprintTM process. Our unique process ensures that a clear understanding of the needs, benefits, associated costs and implications of each and every component of your Group Benefits Plan is aligned with your requirements and is designed to scale with you as your business progresses.