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We are a customer driven benefits consulting firm that specializes in developing tailored high-value solutions for Canadian based employers who seek to provide benefits plans that help their employees meet their life goals. We partner with our clients to develop their human capital via our proven “Five Step” process. Working with us, our customers can transform their employee benefits plans from a competitive necessity to a catalyst for powerful growth.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are a powerful tool for attracting and retaining your best and your brightest. A recent survey conducted by a major human resource firm revealed that 70% of employees stated their number one desire in the workplace is to know that their employer cares about their well-being.

Group RRSPs

A Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is a straightforward and efficient way to offer a retirement plan for your employees. Let us help you structure a serious long-term commitment to your employees while balancing the realities of cost containment.

Pension Plans

A company pension plan can be a powerful tool for employee retention and in meeting long-term employee needs. Let us help you craft a pension plan that creates the maximum potential for a long-term partnership with your employees.

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It’s a new era of business. Entrepreneurs, business owners and managers of small to medium enterprises are under pressure to deliver competitive employee benefits offerings in an ever more complex business environment. How do you determine what your employees most value, what components of a plan are must haves versus nice to have, and when to make changes that reflect your internal growth or a changing competitive landscape?

RPP Benefits offer a realignment of the benefits equation viewed through a new perspective. We have a proven track record of successfully partnering with entrepreneurs and business owners. We are experts at helping executives and HR managers understand the advantages of promoting growth within to propel their company's growth throughout the industry.

At RPP Benefits, a Vancouver-based employee benefits firm, we are helping companies develop a progressive partnership with their employees. We call this cultural dynamic The Human Capital Benefit – a unique 5-stage program designed for highly ambitious and growth-oriented leaders who seek to ignite the engine for growth present in their human capital.

We are friendly, knowledgeable and easy to speak to. We love working with our client's management teams and employee leaders to develop innovative solutions that meet their unique needs, budget realities and competitive environment. Your people are your biggest asset! Let us help you get the most for them!