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I have a diverse portfolio of assets and companies. RPP Benefits Inc. was able to combine my various business interests into one plan and in doing so saved us significant cash outlay and streamlined our administrative processes. They are committed to managing our insurance so that we can manage our business. We strongly recommend their services if you need a review of your benefits and business insurance. You will not be disappointed.


Paul Clough, President, Queen Charlotte Lodge


Every time I have contact with RPP Benefits to manage some aspect of our benefits plan it is obvious that they are very enthusiastic about our business and about what they do. They are my primary “go-to” people when it comes to our plan and they have never let us down.


Harry Mertin, President, Mertin Auto Group


I have worked with RPP Benefits for many years. They are always extremely well organized, knowledgeable and able to answer all enquires. The most important aspect to me is their response time to any question – they are amazing at getting right onto any issue that comes up – which really helps with our employees. They are proactive rather than reactive. A new program they suggested for us resulted in a substantial cash back cheque received by our firm, a pleasant situation to be in as a small business owner.


DRB, Executive Vice-President, Air Filter supplier, Burnaby


We have been working with RPP Benefits for many years with respect to our employee benefits. Our company has nearly 200 employees and benefits constitute a significant expense while providing great benefit to our employees. Over the years RPP has been responsive to our needs and has conducted themselves with honesty and a high level of transparency which has led to a relationship of trust and confidence. I would, without hesitation, recommend their services to any company, small, medium or large, for professional guidance and support with the selection and ongoing administration of your employee benefits programs.


J.A., General Manager, Auto Dealer, Fraser Valley


We have worked with RPP Benefits for 15+ years. They are quick to respond to any questions (even if it’s not benefits related). Everyone is very knowledgeable and resourceful. If they don’t know the answer, for sure they will get you the answer and are always pleasant. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.


T.T., Controller, Software Consulting Firm, Richmond

Group Benefits

Group Benefits Available

A properly-designed employee benefit plan can be a powerful tool to satisfy the need for cost containment and at the same time provide employee satisfaction and retention. Click here to find out more about the benefits available.

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Group Benefits Taxation

Benefits continue to be, for the most part, tax-free rewards and incentives you can offer employees. To find out how benefits are currently taxed: click here to find out more.

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