Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Help You Leverage Your Most Powerful Asset: Your People.

In this new era, employee benefit solutions have evolved from a necessity to an extraordinary catalyst for effective cost containment, talent acquisition and retention.


Project your image in the community as a thoughtful, caring Employer, which will help attract high-caliber employees


Maintain your existing employees, which in turn decreases turnover costs


Benefits eliminate you, as the Employer, of any real or perceived moral obligation to assist the family on the death or disability of a key employee


Make an employee’s tax situation even better through more effective use of salary dollars, since most benefits are non-taxable to the employee


Build a legacy with the Group RRSP or the Pension Plan by payroll deduction. These plans encourage employees to consider their eventual retirement, and make retirement a more realistic option once they become unproductive


Premiums paid by the business are a deductible business expense, but such premiums do not increase your payroll taxes


Group coverage is more economical and provides much better coverage than any Health and Dental plan available to an individual

Group Benefits

Group Benefits Available

A properly-designed employee benefit plan can be a powerful tool to satisfy the need for cost containment and at the same time provide employee satisfaction and retention. Click here to find out more about the benefits available.

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Group Benefits Taxation

Benefits continue to be, for the most part, tax-free rewards and incentives you can offer employees. To find out how benefits are currently taxed: click here to find out more.

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