RPP Benefits Inc.

Carol Billings

Director of Operations & Senior Consultant

Prior to joining RPP Benefits Inc. Carol has had over 30 years of experience serving Group Insurance clients and their advisors through her association with two major Life and Benefits Insurance Companies, followed by several years with a major Canadian Benefits Consulting firm.

Her years of service inside the Insurance firms has given her insight in the group benefits arena that is invaluable to both RPP Benefits and its clientele. Carol’s knowledge and expertise allows her to confidently and assertively address the challenges of maintaining an efficient balance between coverage and cost when negotiating appropriate terms for businesses as they evolve and grow.

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Group Benefits Available

A properly-designed employee benefit plan can be a powerful tool to satisfy the need for cost containment and at the same time provide employee satisfaction and retention. Click here to find out more about the benefits available.

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Group Benefits Taxation

Benefits continue to be, for the most part, tax-free rewards and incentives you can offer employees. To find out how benefits are currently taxed: click here to find out more.

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