Life is full of uncertainties and nobody knows when their journey will end, which is why the security brought by a life insurance plan is important. Here are more reasons to be insured:

Providing for your dependents

Let's start with the most obvious reason for why someone should invest in life insurance ... the fact that it can replace your income if you die before your dependents. You may want your children to go to college and your family to enjoy a certain kind of lifestyle. Likely, you still want this to happen even if you die prematurely. But, if you are the primary bread winner for your family, they may not be able to afford it if you die and do not have enough savings to cover their expenses. You can address those concerns by buying enough life insurance. Source: Investopedia

To pay off debts and other expenses

In addition to providing income to cover everyday living expenses, your family needs insurance to cover any outstanding debts, like the mortgage, credit cards and car loans. Other expenses include funeral and burial costs that can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars. You don’t want your spouse, parents, children or other loved ones to be left with any extra financial burden in addition to the emotional burden they’re already suffering. Source: Payoff

Helps achieve long-term goals

Since it is an instrument that keeps you invested for the long term, it would help you achieve your long-term goals such as buying a home or planning your retirement. It also provides you with diverse investment options that come along with different types of policies.

Some policies are tied to certain investment products that pay dividends based on their performance. If you are opting for an investment-linked policy, be sure to read the fine print to be fully aware of the potential risks and returns. Source: BusinessToday

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