Having a high employee retention rate is good for a business. Keeping your best employees ensures that you will continuously meet or even exceed your sales targets — which you might not be able to do if you are constantly dealing with new employees that require training. To stop worrying about resignations, ensure that you offer the following:

Opportunity to grow

Humans have a fundamental need to self-actualize. The more your company offers people the chance to improve themselves, the better. Would you choose a job that leads to nowhere? Of course not. With opportunity comes autonomy because the more freedom you have, the greater meaning your decisions will have for yourself and for the company. That means (ideally) the motivation to perform well increases, too. Source: Entrepreneur

Work-life balance

Another important element employers must offer is a balance between work and personal life. You should not be expected to always work long hours at the expense of your family life. Employers must also provide adequate time off for workers, including personal days, vacation time and maternity leave. Some employers allow men to take maternity leave to help their wives.  Source: Work.Chron

Good health insurance

This benefit was ranked as the most important benefit in recent research from Glassdoor. Providing employers with stellar health insurance options typically does translate into an additional expense for employers, but it’s an investment worth making not only to incentivize employees, but to ensure that employees are healthy and productive. Offering solid health insurance also demonstrates that the employer cares about its employees’ health and wellbeing, a good way to boost morale. Source: Forbes

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